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So how does it work? 






 Our platforms use a patented method of predictive motion feedback we refer as 'Motion Sense'. We have worked with actual rally and track racing drivers for over 2 years to hone our internal software in order to ensure the most realistic motion feedback possible during play. With STI hardware fitted inside compatible wheel and pedal sets we are able to confidently predict G force positional data and transfer this into motion. Our simulator sits somewhere between arcade and true sim motion feedback for realism.





What games does it work with?


The platform runs on it's own internal software package built into the base, this software never needs updating. This means that if the wheel and pedal set fitted to the platform is compatible with the game you are looking to play, the motion platform will work. This includes any old, current or new games on the horizon.





System Compatibility?



The Worlds only console compatible motion simulator works with PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One s & PC.


For PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro & PC you require one of the following:

  Thrustmaster T300 rs

  Logitech G29


For Xbox One, Xbox One s and PC you require one of the following:

  Thrustmaster TX

  Logitech G920


We are developing new additions to the wheel range all the time. Please inquire regarding up to date circumstances.



Wheel and pedal set compatibility.


Our platforms come supplied with a range of Wheel and pedal sets. Choosing the most affordable range of force feedback quality Logitech and Thrustmaster setups.



How noisy is it?


Due to the nature of the product and components used, it's difficult to reduce the noise to a level that is unnoticeable in the home. When not in motion the only sound that can be heard are the cooling fans which is as quiet as a desktop PC. When the platform is in motion the vibration is comparable to a typical human conversation level of About 60dB.



How does it compare to other motion platforms?


It's very difficult to compare our platform with others as no other platform works plug and play on consoles!!! However we are aware there are options out there so below is a list of some competitors and some comparisons as close to the Tara & nOra as possible to consider.

Comparative examples below when considering the following:


● Motion Base.

● 2DOF.

● Control/Power unit supplied.

● Wheel and Pedal brackets.

● Wheel and Pedals included. (Wheel & Pedal Set are will changed by User's console type Selected)

● Excluding-VAT.

● System.

● Price.


Please note: none of the competition work on consoles and all require a PC with sim tools setup or similar.

Our Tara & nOra are plug and play on consoles


Does it work with VR?


 Simply putting your headset on during play is all you need to do to make our platforms work with VR. You will still need a clear line of sight to your sensors or camera. It's advised that any sensors or cameras are mounted statically and not on the platform as the motion confuses the sensors and camera. (If You will select to nOra Models, VR System is Default Supported)



What range of motion does it have?


 The Tara & nOra are 2DOF platform with a Pitch range of about 20 deg and a roll range of about 30 deg. With the built in adjustment dials as standard you are able to slow and reduce the range on the go meaning you can tune your platform to suit your game style or personal preference. With response times in the millisecond and high speed motion the results are instant.



Do I need a PC to run it?


 The Tara & nOra has a built in control board that handles all the motion control when in use. You do not need a separate PC to run the platform unlike all other motion simulators on the market.

Simply plug the typical wheel's USB into the games console or PC and you are set to go.


How easy is it to assemble?


We generally ship the platform pre assembled as much as possible depending on what has been ordered as per step 1 below. There may be a handful of nuts and bolts to secure the platforms component parts but tools are supplied and should take no more than 10-15 min when in position. No advanced skill is needed for assembly, just some basic experience with with spanners and Allen keys.

Once the bolts are in place you can then connect the cabled parts to your TV etc, then you are ready to play.



Can I use my own wheel and pedals?


When using the Logitech G29 or G920 wheel and pedal set, STI engineers need to fit our patented hardware inside and calibrate the set to the platform. If you have a set of Logitech wheel and pedals, these can be sent to us for fitting. The STI Hardware for Thrustmaster wheels can be fitted externally either by STI engineers or at home under detailed instructions we will send with the platform.


What maintenance does it need?


The platform uses sealed bearings, motors and electronics. There is no maintenance required but should and additional sounds develop over time then please contact us for assistance. There are bare metal areas that are greased but could be prone to rusting if not stored in a dry environment. Perform a visual check of bolts should any come loose over time.


How old do I have to be to play on it?


This platform is not a toy. Only players 14 years and up should be in close proximity when in motion. The motors are capable of high torque and will break or sever limbs if caught in between moving parts. We try to protect children and animals as much as possible with protective paneling but operators use at their own risk and the risk of those around you during play.


Can I use it Commercially?


This platform is designed for home and commercial use under supervision. Our commercial versions have additional strengthening parts and higher grade components for varied use. Prices are typically 20% Higher than RRP to cover these additional expenses.


Does it support Fanatec Equipment?


Due to the nature of our software and hardware we currently do not support Fanatec equipment. We are however looking into this possibility and will be able to offer this sometime in the future.


Does it support Flight sim?


Our current version( Tara & nOra) of the motion platform base only supports racing games for use with compatible Logitech/Thrustmaster wheel and pedal sets. Tara & nOra are will not work with Flight, Bike, Rollercoaster or any other sim type that does not make use of the wheel and pedal set. But saRa is will be all Games are drive.


What are it's dimensions and weight?


The Tara & nOra are base on its own has a very small footprint. However with the addition of sound, seating, and screen options the sizes and weight vary with base section only weighing around 65kg. Please find our typical size guide info below to help ensure you have enough room.



What power do I need to run it?


Our standard base runs on 220V 50/60Hz using 2 pin KOR plug. With the platform power usage at around 120watt on average.







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